Facebook Password Sniper (100% Working Hack Tool)

Facebook password sniper Tool is a free tool for Hack Facebook account user password. As you know Facebook is growing and thousand of people are using Facebook all over the world.

Need of Facebook password sniper increased. Also their are thousand of tool available online which claim that their tool is 100 percent working But most of them are just fake and full of virus or Trojans. So you better do not download or run any software to sniper password because you may lose your accounts or data instead.



At pangocheats our team of 5 members created this working tool which actually hack Facebook password. You can download the password in txt file after hack is finish. So it is not hard to hack Facebook password anymore and you can easily use our tool. We check and add new proxies everyday and always try to update our tool to make sure it is in working condition. You can use our Facebook hack tool or any device including windows,ipad,iphone,Android, blackberry and Mac, So you can start using or Facebook hack tool by clicking on the Button below.

How to Sniper facebook password

Step1: Click on G+ & share button and Facebook Share button

Step 2:
Click on the Hack Button Below and start Hacking.


On Huge request of our daily visitors,we have also created whatsapp hack tool and you can spy on someone message and account which you use from our website.

Use of Facebook Password Sniper Tool

We will be updating our facebook password hack tool on daily basis. You can use facebook password sniper tool from this website free of cost. We made this tool because we wanted to challenge facebook Security for facebook accounts and to check how easy it is to get into someone account. Also you can use this tool as recovery of your account if you have lost your password and do not have access to your email, If this tool works for you then do not forget to write a review about this facebook hack tool and must share this with your friends and help us to grow our website bigger, because it will motivate us to develop new tools in future. If you have any problem you can contact us by our facebook page or our twitter account.

How to Hack facebook Account.

if you are not online and want to use our facebook account hack tool then do not worry because i will explain the procedure on how to use facebook account sniper tool. It is very easy to use hack and thousand of users already used it to hack facebook account or recover facebook password. According to our user it has more than 95% success rate and it just take 2 to 5 minutes. Just use it once and you will not be needing to sreach for another facebook account hack tool again, You can use our hack tool by clicking on the button above.

How to Use Facebook Password Sniper Tool :

Now you can eaisly use the Facebook Password Hack Tool on any device including Xbox and playstation also, just follow these steps to use this tool.

Click on the Use Facebook Hack Button Above.
Click Username or email of user.
Always remember if tool does not work for you first time then refresh the page and use out facebook hack tool again and it will start working, because we always keep updating our tool. If you still have the problem then you can contact us by using the comment section below. We will try our best to response to any query within 24 hours.

Some False Claim :

Some of our visitors claim that facebook is using HTTPS protocol, It is impossible to hack facebook account. As you know facebook is smart. They do best to provide better security to members but our hackers are smarter because of facebook end they do their best to secure the website but the user who own the account. User device is not secure thats why we target the owner devices and we can easily access their device and scrape they password of account which is store in their device or browser. So do not worry our tool works perfectly.

Last Words :

I hope you guys got the points of using this facebook password sniper tool. For users information this facebook hack tool can be use for educational purpose because hacking someone account is not good idea. You can use it for good purpose like facebook account recovering, So we do not encourage you to use this tool for any bad purpose. keep sharing this website with your friends do not forget to leave your comments and suggestion in the comment section below.

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